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  • While driving on the left side of the road is illegal in Canada, driving from the passenger side is not. The problem is finding affordable insurance so you can hit the road in your new foreign more »
  • The electric bicycle is a contentious innovation that raises some legal questions. It’s bike that has a motor that can achieve a relatively high speed. As such, there’s some confusion over its legal more »
  • When it comes to car-bicycle collisions, most people probably aren’t thinking about the damage a car will sustain. Generally, a 10-speed with a bell doesn’t pose a big threat to two tons of steel, more »
  • “Inevitable accident” is a defence used in motor vehicle accident lawsuits whereby nobody is deemed liable due to factors beyond the driver’s more »
  • Impaired driving isn’t as simple a term as it sounds. In fact, you can be charged and convicted for it without actually doing any more »
  • Tinted windows can be a great feature. They help keep the car a bit cooler, screen out harmful UV radiation and protect the car’s interior. Also, they look pretty cool. The law, however, is less more »
  • Even if you’ve never driven impaired — and you hopefully have not — chances are you’ve been stopped once or twice. On at least a few festive occasions each year, like New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s more »
  • If you’ve been hurt in an accident and plan to file a lawsuit, it’s crucial to determine who is liable and what you’re entitled to. Here’s what you need to more »
  • Since 2000, more than 1.6 million automobile collisions have occurred on Canada’s roads and highways, nearly 400 each day. In 2012 alone, over 160,000 Canadians were injured or killed as a more »
  • While Canadian drivers spend more time talking and texting behind the wheel, distracted driving has become the leading cause of automotive fatalities in several provinces, overtaking speeding and more »